i’m having trouble focusing.

i expect most of us are.

i live in rural Nova Scotia & mostly my days haven’t changed. the warmth of the spring sun brings energy as we stir from our winter hibernation & find that there is much to do. seeds to be started, sap to be collected, trees & bushes to prune, gardens to plan, compost to spread around. a whole growing season to prepare for.

but everything has changed. hasn’t it.

Nature meditations spring dew spider web

my mind is swimming with worries & questions. the entire subject of pandemic brings up questions of economy, soil health, seed security, food security & so so much more…

it is overwhelming.

it’s no wonder i’m having trouble sleeping.

i am angry. and sad. and scared for what will be. i don't even know what to say. with Nova Scotia declaring a state of emergency i am not even sure where in nature i can go. so we stick close to home.

over the last year i have been bringing full moon rituals of releasing/cleansing & new moon rituals of setting intensions into my life.

ritual smoke incense burning

a new moon is a time to set new intensions.

i see this as an opportunity & i’ve decided to keep it as simple as i can this month. i have spent this last week berating myself - these fears & anxieties, these sleepless nights, aren’t helping my immune system. it is true, of course, but not fair.

these feelings are real & i have every right to them.

we all do.

rather than try to keep myself busy & distracted, rather than bullying myself over what feelings are “productive” & “right”, i am going to slow down. acknowledge the feelings & move to cope with & process them.

i intend to use ritual to help.

ritual is a funny word in today’s world but i think it is time that we recognize it for what it is - a powerful tool to make a transition. whether it is a transition from a task, a thought, a moment in time, or a place - a ritual acts as a way to slow down time & can make meaning in a moment.

a ritual can be anything from taking a deep breath to breathe in the scents from your morning cuppa or lighting a candle before starting a new task. if you take a moment, you can probably identify many rituals you already do.

burning sage ritual smudge bowl

when i have trouble focusing, glass breaks.

a truth, but also a simple analogy. nothing works out well when we are distracted & busying ourselves. we fail to be grateful for the moments we have, our relationships & our emotional health suffer.

i know this isn’t simple for most of us & for many, health issues make it impossible. i know for me, this practice won’t be perfect - i will, most certainly, loose myself in those big emotions in the coming weeks but am hopeful that with the help of ritual, i will be able to make those transitions & find some space. it is my hope you can as well.

views from beach walk meditation driftwood and feather

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