autumn equinox

Autumn shadows over hay fields on the Cornwalis River

i feel the shift from summer to autumn very strongly.

for a long time i assumed it was that “back to school” energy that we never seem to grow out of. the much anticipated summer holiday is over & it is time to get back to “life”.

there is such an abundance of energy in nature through the summer - through the growing season. yet we almost behave in the opposite way.

i feel more physical energy within myself, but it isn’t necessarily productive. the summer is a time that we can unashamedly cut out of work a little bit early, take longer vacations. slow dow. quality time with family & friends is the norm.

with September, we’re asked to gear back up for the hustle. around the homestead the gardens are running wild, there is pressure to put food by for the winter, to prepare the land for next spring. to fit in any last outdoor build project that slipped through during the lazy days of summer.

which is exactly what we’ve just done: our attention still turned toward the harvest, we stole 2 weeks, all but breaking our bodies, to rush around & get a patio built before the weather turns. that also means time out of the studio. & i’m missing it.

i read somewhere that the best way to save the earth is to remember the old ways. i am always working towards living more seasonally, to re-remember that earth connection, & it leaves me wondering if what i am feeling is a clash between the world as it is now & the nature of how it has always been.

the hustle seems to come at the wrong time.

fall colours Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia

i love this time of year & enjoy riding the tail of that summer energy in preparation for winter hibernation. it feels good & natural. but can almost get manic - leaving me emotionally & creatively looking for more balance within the seasonal shift.

to follow the sun.

i find myself looking forward to the shorter days ahead & giving myself the space to reflect on what should be put aside & picked up again during the energetic seasons.

but I’m also trying to work at a pace that is a little less frantic. with the fall harvest & getting ready to put the garden beds to rest, i’m trying to take a moment to enjoy the hours spent with my fingers in the dirt. to give myself the room to take in the colours, smells & the easy temperatures of autumn.

wandering-barefoot-around-the-yard season is almost over (i will hang on until frostbite threatens) & i’m looking forward to bringing the inspiration & creativity autumn gives back into the studio.

happy autumn equinox!


Fall Sunset LaHave Islands

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