Wild and Wise Studio Glass & Jewellery

Wild and Wise Jewellery Studio

Products from Wild and Wise Studio are handcrafted in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.

Working in glass is an experiment and no two pieces are ever identical. Glass can take on many forms, mimicking the look and feel of other materials and brings depth and interest to jewellery.

I look to nature, and our complicated relationship of connection and disconnection with her, for inspiration. Through the use of glass and other materials as well as found objects I explore the different ways we relate to and feel in/about nature striving to remind us of our need to strengthen and cherish that relationship.

For me, creating jewellery is an exploration of expression. Through our choice of clothing and accessories we introduce ourselves and our individuality to the people around us. I like to find and use unexpected objects and materials. I try to stretch the medium to create texture, tension and interest. Each piece different. Each expressive.

In the tradition of the Studio Crafts, I look for inspiration in tradition, technique and a slower way of life. Located in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, pieces produced in the Wild and Wise Studio are handcrafted and unique while also providing for a more responsible and sustainable kind of fashion.

These pieces are meant to be what you make them - whether it is your go-to piece or something you wear on occasion. Glass is timeless and I hope these pieces are treasured for years to come.

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