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Glass Art inspired by our connection/disconnection with nature.

Challenging us to live wildly and explore the wisdom in the wild.


a connection with nature is both nurturing and grounding.

i am interested in the different ways we relate to and feel in & about nature and strive to remind us of our need to strengthen & cherish that relationship while working to understand the wisdom she has to offer.

through a deep love of working with my hands, exploring form & materials & problem solving through design, it is my hope that my observations of nature and her cycles are felt in the pieces I make.

i hope you enjoy the gallery. each piece made in the Wild and Wise Studio is handmade and unique. 

slow, seasonal, wild

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Pebble Necklace handmade glass bead detail

nature inspired

Pebble Collection

seasonal & cyclical

Ice collection
Ice Collection handmade glass ring and sterling silver earring detail

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