clearly : necklace

NKL013 Clearly flameworked hollow glass bead necklace
NKL013 Clearly flameworked etched glass necklace
NKL013 Clearly flamework glass necklace side view
NKL013 Clearly blown glass 18" necklace
NKL013 Clearly glass necklace closed clasp detail
NKL013 Clearly minimalist glass necklace open clasp detail
NKL013 Clearly single blown glass hollow detail on slate
NKL013 Clearly blown glass 18" necklace

a single, large hollow glass bead, strung on a silicone rubber cord makes this an incredibly comfortable and versatile necklace. the glass is lightly etched on one half and  formed slightly flatter and indented on the back to catch the light and better sit against the skin. 

ice is never simple but a clear bit of ice can give us a glimpse into another world. varying opacity, surface textures and the bubbles and textures through the layers catch light, and our attention, differently. Clearly is a collection of jewellery exploring ice and its most basic characteristics.


flameworked & coldworked glass
rubber necklace


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