Margaret Millar

Handmade lampwork glass wave ring in blue, green and opal yellow hues

My childhood was spent surrounded by cool lakes and rivers, huge expanses of bedrock, and dense mixed forests under a big Northern Ontario sky. My family kept gardens, fished, went camping, and we cooked and ate meals together; there was always plenty of space for hard work, creativity and play. 

My love of creating led me to study at the Ontario College of Art and Design. After graduation, I spent many years living and working in Toronto but struggled to find peace in the city. Looking for a different pace and an easier connection with nature, my husband and I were drawn East.

Parents to our kidlet, we live in an 18th century farmhouse in rural Nova Scotia. Life is busy as we renovate the house and outbuildings and work to tend the land that provides us food, shelter, creativity, and a place to play.

Glass is very much of the earth; created with silica sand and heat. As an artist, maker and human living with this planet, I feel that I have a responsibility to treat the earth with care and notice how my actions effect the world around us.

I love to work with found, thrifted, vintage & reclaimed materials, as well as new material. I strive to minimize waste while supporting a slower, more sustainable way of life - bringing intention into my creative practice. 

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My connection with nature is nurturing and grounding and I strive to remind us of our need to strengthen and cherish that relationship and understand the wisdom she has to offer.

I have a deep love of working with my hands, exploring form and materials and believe in problem solving with design. I live much more slowly, quietly and sensitively then I once did and it is my hope that my observations of nature and her cycles are felt in the pieces I make.

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