shell(ivory sands) : earring stud

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Flameworked glass earring studs in a pale yellow ivory colour.
360 degree view of shell shaped earring studs with stainless steel earring posts in ivory sand colour.
Detail view of front of flameworked glass earring studs in an ivory sands colour.
Shell shaped flameworked glass in a pale yellow ivory colour displayed on an earring card.
Selection of three shell shaped flameworked glass earring studs in various colours.

this pale yellow ivory colour is delicate & beautifully highlights the deep ridges of this unique hand-carved mold.

flameworked glass is heated directly on the stainless steel ear post & the hot glass is pressed into the mold for shape before being annealed in a kiln.

approx. 15mm x 14mm


  • stainless steel ear post & nut
  • flameworked glass
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