(frozen)for a time : bracelet

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BRL007 For A Time flameworked glass and brass bracelet
BRL007 For A Time glass bracelet clasp detail
BRL007 For A Time brass and silver open clasp detail
BRL007 For A Time glass bracelet hinge detail
BRL007 For A Time bracelet brass back detail
BRL007 For A Time glass bracelet on wrist

like it’s inspiration, this bracelet has an organic feel. three blown glass hollow forms are strung on 2 kinds of metal to create both structure and movement. the larger bead is on a hand formed piece of reclaimed brass, while the other two are strung on a piece of silver chain. all hinged at one side to a wider band of reclaimed brass. shaped in an oval for a more comfortable fit and finished with a simple T-clasp to close . 

ice creeps in through winter and seems to hold everything in place but we are moving into a cycle of rebirth and the ice is fading. now is the time to take a minute to look into those frozen pools and notice the leaves and sticks and seeds that have been suspended under the surface. not long ago it felt like they were frozen there, forever, but now it is time to appreciate the fleeting beauty.


flameworked glass
sterling silver
reclaimed brass
repurposed silver chain
flax fibre


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