mussel(sea green) : earring stud

Detail of flameworked glass earring studs in a sea green colour.
360 degree detail of glass ear studs on stainless steel ear posts in sea green.
flameworked glass earring studs shaped like mussel shells in a sea green colour.
12mm mussel shell shaped flameworked glass earring studs in a sea green colour displayed on an earring card.
Mussel shell shaped flamework glass earring studs. Available in a selection of colours.

the dreamy wisps of green that run through this glass remind me of fields of seaweed & the colour of algae.

molten glass is pressed into a uniquely hand-carved graphite mold to create the form of the mussel

the flameworked glass is heated & formed directly on the stainless steel ear post before being annealed in a kiln

approx. 12mm x 10mm


  • stainless steel ear post & nut
  • flameworked glass
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