wishing|rock(sandstone) : necklace

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flatlay of sandstone colour wishing rock flameworked glass necklace. hand knotted on grey silk cord with silver and brass clasp. shown on white background
close up of focal hollow blown beads on a flameworked glass necklace. sandstone coloured beads with offset purple-green bead, striped with ivory and blue detail, hand knotted on grey silk cord. shown on white background
close up of silver and brass extendable clasp on a flameworked glass necklace in a sandstone colour. shown on white background
flameworked glass wishing rock necklace in sandstone coloured beads. hand knotted on grey silk cord. shown worn.
flameworked glass bead detail of three focal blown glass beads with blue aventurine stripe detail. on white background.

individually formed flameworked glass pebbles are hand knotted on silk making 41cm of sandstone coloured glass, offset by a singular bead of blue-green.

knotted in decreasing sizes, the smallest measures 10mm. the three largest beads are blown hollow, the largest of which measuring 30mm x 20mm. details of blue aventurine, the pebbles sparkle slightly.

the sterling silver clasp is extendible by 6cm of wishing rock links terminated by a flameworked glass cabochon.

3cm x 51cm

flameworked glass; silk cord; sterling silver; brass

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