The Ocean Calls

Nova Scotia beach found objects
stone feet someone left behind - Scots Bay, NS; tidal pond - Turners Brook, NS; decompressing - Cow Bay, NS

school's out for summer!

where i grew up, summer is a time for camping, canoe trips, days spent lounging by the lake, bonfires, smores, and consuming surprisingly large quantities of ice cream and watermelon.

its a time for outside, sun bleached hair, and cool water lapping at your toes.

Sunset Port Hood Beach Cape Breton
endless beaches, only the sunset to let you know when its time to go in - Port Hood, Cape Breton
yes there are adult demands now - the gardens are in full swing, wood needs to be cut, summer renos and property maintenance all need to happen. the days are full. but even now, long after we've left our school days behind, there is an ease about summer. 

summer always feels like a time of possibilities. a time for new routines, new health, and a new outlook.

Sunset Lawrencetown Beach Nova Scotia
sunset & surf at Lawrencetown Beach, NS

doors open up for the summer. there are events on everywhere, fireworks regularly, and parks and patios are calling you to go out for that run, but then to come and have a sit. to enjoy life a little.

we don't camp as much as we used to. and with our new local, there is less lake time.

but there is beach time.

this is Canada's Ocean Playground. the ocean calls and there are many places to explore.

i admit to loving the ocean. i know - its a no brainer. who doesn't love a hot sandy beach and and blue waters?

Blue Waters Kejimkujik Seaside Adjuct
i've been caught relaxing by the calm waters of Kejimkujik National Park Seaside, NS

i do love getting out of my shoes, running down to the water's edge and walking for miles. i love the gentle breeze, the cool water on my ankles, the birds and shellfish running about and all the treasures i find. this, is the summer ocean.

Caribou Monroes found object inspiration
lobster boats and the ferry come and go while we wander, finding treasures like this old door washed up and perfectly weathered - Caribou-Munroes, NS
Point Michaud Lobster Trap Cape Breton
the tides bring in many treasures and this battered wooden lobster trap catches the light beautifully - Point Michaud, Cape Breton
sand pipers Brier Island
sand pipers - Brier Island, NS

but that isn't my ocean.

my ocean is rough, foggy, angry.

my ocean has scraggly trees and jagged rocks.

ocean views windswept landscape crystal crescent beach
it was a calm, foggy day, but the landscape tells us of the harshness of the ocean - Crystal Crescent, NS

that, is not a summer ocean. but it is the one i love.

photoshoot inverness beach
i love a stormy sea and a winter visit to the beach would never deter my trusty sidekick - Inverness Beach, Cape Breton

ok. so school has been out for a while now.

now. its august.

dreaded august.

i'm a 4-season gal, living in a 4-season country and winter, with all its offerings, is coming.

there is a crispness creeping into the air.

the nights are cool. the mornings are dewy and peaceful.

you can just start to feel the spirit of the harvest.

i love the fall and the ocean that comes with it, but what if we could have the peaceful mornings and the abundance of the harvest while hanging on to the ease and the excitement of new possibilities that summer holds?

preview new handmade jewelry sea glass
beach treasures to help us remember the summer. watch for a few new pieces to come to the shop before labour day!

maybe you set out to camp more, maybe to tackle that big project. maybe you're finally getting up that little bit earlier in the mornings to meditate, and maybe your enjoying spending more family time on the weekends. whatever it is you endeavoured to do this summer, lets carry that energy with us into the cooler weather and hang on to that spirit a bit longer. 

turbulent ocean broad cove cape breton
looking down on the turbulent winter waters of Broad Cove, Cape Breton

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