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Tone & Texture - stud earring

EAR013 Tone & Texture flameworked glass stud side detail
EAR013 Tone & Texture flameworked glass stud front detail
EAR013 Tone & Texture flameworked glass stud back detail

slightly larger than the mini studs, these clear & blue flameworked glass earrings are flattened disks and have some brass mesh & copper filament trapped in the glass. when brass is introduced to glass and heated very hot, bubbles are released; the brass mesh creates a perfect grid of bubbles giving a very controlled, graphic detail. the glass is applied hot directly to the stainless steel stud so there is no glue while in the torch & then properly annealed for strength. 10mm wide

i love the endless world of bubbles and textures in ice and glass can mimic this beautifully. bringing in a bit of colour and a bit of texture these minimal pieces means that each bit of glass brings with it its own little world waiting to be discovered.


flameworked glass
stainless steel ear post & nut
copper filament
brass mesh

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