unique you

have you seen something in the shop that you like --but...

the colour isn't quite right,
not sure about the sizing,
what if it was this style and that clasp?

let me know!

i love to making new pieces and although long days in the studio is often a lonely adventure, i quite like talking to people every now and then ;)

its a fact

universally, jewellery is a form of adornment and has/has had many roles and meanings throughout history.

worn as a talisman, a protection, a focus for meditation, a display of status, or to commemorate a lost love one, jewellery styles reflect the industrial and social change of its time.

did you know

the popularity of the the silver screen in the 1930s brought with it the height of Hollywood Glamour. styles and technology were changing fast. movies had sound now, and that meant that the once popular long earrings, heavy-beaded necklaces and multitude of bangles created excessive noise.

although some designers started experimenting with rubber jewellery as a silent solution, they ultimately chose tighter fitting (and less jingly-jangly) styles for the Hollywood starlets.

and so the style changes.

art jewellery

many of the traditions of jewellery are challenged by artists today. new technologies and materials overturn the notions of status that was once implicit in jewellery.

now jewellery represents a wearable art and how and why we choose that art is personal - speaking to our beliefs, lifestyle and uniqueness.

i think the action of adornment is fascinating

what and how we choose to wear our clothing and accessories is a powerful statement of who we are, what and who we support, how we perceive ourselves, and how we want to be perceived.

Yrsa Daley-Ward quote fold to fit it ain't rightwe are all unique, why shouldn't our jewellery be too?

The fashion label Cushnie et Ochs is quoted to have said, "life is too short to wear boring clothes".

i think the same goes for jewellery. as a craftperson, i want to make unique jewellery pieces that speak to the wearer.

a custom design

turquoise tones custom designed beaded necklace
i created the Turquoise Tones necklace for a client who liked the Ombre Necklace and the Coral Glass Pearl Necklace but didn't think the colour or fit was quite right for her style and lifestyle.

seeing the Ombre Necklace inspired my client to get in touch. She liked the necklace and the clasp but was wanted a turquoise colour. She also has other necklaces of similar length to the Ombre Necklace and was looking for something longer to wear with different necklines. 

hand blended coloured glass rods for lampworking
turquoise glass gives a pretty consistent, flat coloured bead, offering none of the variations that naturally occur in the coral glass colours so i went about mixing shades of turquoises and teals and pulling new colours of glass. 
detail lampwork glass Turquoise Tones custom beaded necklace
these new, unique, glass colours allowed me to create beads with a beautiful watercolour effect while staying within the turquoise tones - giving the beads and the whole necklace the interest we see in the coral colours. 
sampling of custom colour lampwork glass beads
with a sampling of beads done up, i sent a photo to the client and she decided against an ombre patterning. instead, something more random like the Coral Glass Pearl Necklacesample selection of hand knotted glass bead necklaces
i knotted up some sample lengths based on the inspiration necklaces and sent a photo to the client. originally the plan was black cord with the hematite spacers but with the samples done up, we decided on the green silk cord. 

with that sorted now it is time to get to making a one-of-a-kind, just-for-you necklace.

You can see the Turquoise Tones Necklace here

on pricing

custom and commission shouldn't be scary words!

my pricing is based on materials and labour and it is not increased because we are working on a custom design. a commission is another chance for me to talk with my clients, get to know them better, and create something unique for them!

but what is with that questionnaire?

if you have taken a peak at the custom design page then you have probably looked over the questionnaire.

  • it is there to help us both
  • this way i don't forget to ask you a question
  • offers prompts to help you dream up your wants and needs
  • makes sure we're on the same page

and hey, if you don't feel like going through the questionnaire just drop me an email at or message me!

Interested in the inspiration for the Turquoise Tones necklace and would love a piece of jewellery in Pantone's colour for 2019?

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