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DIY holiday party hostess gift

'tis the season.

the season for drop-ins, holiday parties and getting together with friends and family.

'tis the season of the hostess gift.

a good bottle of wine is always a great gift to my mind, but it is a handmade gratitude that helps to spread favourite family recipes, creativity and slow living.

Wild and Wise Pinterest page is a great place to see what is inspiring me and i love this idea of a diy sangria kit! it could be easily changed up to suit the season - maybe a pot for the stove filled with ingredients for mulled wine, hot apple cider, or one of my favourites - a glogg.

but this blog is about putting everything from the last two posts together to make a gift basket for the season.

along with a selection of homemade truffles and sweets, i added a bit of light with a hand dipped candle, a bit of whimsy with a seasonal vignette in a jar, and everything needed to make an amazing hot chocolate.

homemade chocolate truffles

an assortment of homemade truffles. you can find out more about the method and flavours here.

homemade hot chocolate mix

yummy hot chocolate. a perfect indulgence after a winter walk or snowball fight.

for the hot chocolate:

  • i used Jamie Oliver's recipe because it is favourite of mine, but you could use any recipe or use a canned dry hot chocolate from the store. 
  • three jars - i love the mini dairy bottles, but anything would work. in one jar, i added the hot chocolate mix, in one some mini marshmallows and in the last some dark chocolate chunks and some shavings. (i mix the chunks and shavings because, well, who doesn't want a little extra chocolate in their hot chocolate but also to save time and space! shaving chocolate is time consuming and it takes a lot of flakes to fill a bottle.)
  • candy canes, paper straws, or even a teaspoon or iced-beverage spoon.
  • something to cover - lids, plastic, aluminum foil, fabric, ribbon etc. I used a small square of wax paper (to keep any burlap fuzz out) under a piece of burlap tied with a ribbon.
  • a recipe card - so your recipient knows how much to use!
DIY hostess gift hot chocolate mix
you could also do single or double portion jars by using a smaller jar, putting in the right amount of the hot chocolate mix and topping that with all the fixins' needed.
as an added gift i put in a molinillo to help whisk up the hot chocolate the slow living way!
putting it all together can be as simple or complicated as you like. i love a usable gift so a storage basket, cutting board, serving tray or the drink dispenser from the sangria kit are ideal.
i found this great felted basket and lined it with a homemade tea towel but a knitted scarf would have been beautiful too. (you can find tea towel material with the long sides bound at fabric stores - so all you have to do is cut and hem the two ends!)
DIY hostess gift basket
a diy holiday doesn't have to be stressful. in fact, it isn't meant to be. some planning is needed, but by adding to the items that you are already making and keeping an eye out for interesting baskets, boxes, jars, and serving trays throughout the year, you can get creative and give the gift of handmade.

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  • Hi Kris!
    Thank you for the wishes! Merry Christmas to you and the family as well! I’m glad you will all get to be together for the holidays – it will be lovely chaos for sure! Wishing you all the best for 2019!

    Margaret (Wild and Wise)

  • Hi Margaret
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We are all well and my kids will all be home! Looking forward to all the chaos. Best wishes to you and all your family🎄❤️

    Kris Howard

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