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by now we are well familiar with winter's cold, blustery, grey moods. and february can start to feel like a beacon of hope. the days are starting to creep, millimetre by millimetre, into a more reasonable length, and we realize that the sun has not forsaken us after all.

but we still have some months of the cold stuff ahead.

as much as i sound like i'm complaining, i am not. when most people throw in the towel (or at least the bathing suit into their luggage) and head south, i bundle up and head outside.

i am a four-season gal living in a four-season world.

with that in mind, i have just added some new pieces perfect to get us through the rest of winter to the shop!

this small collection is about celebrating winter and designed to keep you cozy and well adorned at the same time. 

Slipped hand knit bracelet cuff reclaimed copper detail

We've named this after the beautifully detailed slipped stitch and not the icy sidewalks. I swear! This is a hand knit bracelet that is a little cozy, a little shiny and all sweet. Fun and casual the buckle is made with reclaimed copper.
Winter Sun hand knit necklace reclaimed brass lampworked glass beads
When we glimpse the allusive winter sun it can be the most colourful and uplifting - inspiring this piece of handcrafted jewellery. The floating stitch, reclaimed brass buckle and lampworked glass beads used in this hand knit necklace come together to highlight the yarns vibrancy - brightening any outfit.
Vinum Glacies silk and copper handcrafted necklaceThis handcrafted necklace was inspired by the pairing of the deep purple-red berries and the winter-kissed leaves of the ice wine grape. The lampwork glass beads were hand mixed in the studio for a truly unique colour. 
Cocooned silk and wool handcrafted necklaceThis necklace was designed to be the ideal piece of jewellery for those days that you would have preferred to stay in the comfort and warmth of a cocoon. The graphic brass ring and singular glass bead juxtapose the drape and warmth of the silk and wool. No need to fumble with a clasp, just slip it over your head!
All Buttoned Up hand knit cowl lampworked glass beadsWinter always has us hiding jewellery under our coats and hats and scarves. All Buttoned Up is a seemless hand knit cowl with a herringbone cable stitch that highlights the subtle colour variances in the yarn. A collection of flat glass beads are sewn in to add that little bit of embellishment and individuality to your cold weather protection 

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